Welcome to Mattingly's monsters! On this website you will find masks, busts props, and other creations made by me, Brian Mattingly, in the Mattingly's Monsters workshop. Each piece is hand made with a careful eye for detail, and quality materials. Feel free to contact me for further questions or comments. **NOTE** please allow up to 1-3 weeks for the piece to be made and a few days to be shipped unless specified otherwise in the product description. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS

Bearded Severed Head Prop Billy Goat Mask Bones
Bearded Severed Head PropBilly Goat MaskBones






Cannibal Witch doctor Carver
CannibalWitch doctorCarver

This cannibal half mask is a great, bloody addition to any easy halloween costume, or haunt actor. With quick velcro straps, and large eye and mouth holes, comfort is no problem with this grotesque face!

This Witch Doctor face mask is sure to catch some eyes. stand out in a crowd and be the life (or death) of any halloween party. This mask comes with velcro straps and has great vision and breathing!





Chopper Duality Front Half Body Prop
ChopperDualityFront Half Body Prop







Happy Jack Meat Head Pork Chop
Happy JackMeat HeadPork Chop







Rear-view mirror shrunken heads Shrunken Head The Melting Man
Rear-view mirror shrunken headsShrunken HeadThe Melting Man







TINY Zeke The Freak Severed ear necklace
TINYZeke The FreakSevered ear necklace







Bucket O' Brains Brain Prop
Bucket O' Brains Brain Prop





All products sold on this website are of original design. Any resemblance of pre-existing pieces is purely coincidental. All designs belong to Mattingly's Monsters © 2012.